Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain, rain, rain

It's raining hard. Again. I am feeling sorry for the schoolkids who haven't  had a great run of weather.

Our holiday break was lovely but there was a lot of rain. The kagoul is a mighty weapon however.

I haven't achieved much writing progress but I do live in hope that it will change once school attendance is resumed.

I have three subs out there currently. Trying not to think about those (send them out then start something new). So on with the writing and the waiting and ya boo to the rain.


Caroline said...

Summer Holidays = Rain. Nuff said I think. Fingers crossed on the MS's out there. Caroline x

Marcy said...

3 subs?'re on fire. Can't wait to hear how they turn out.

The start of school is always bitter sweet. It's the end of summer, but....I do love that extra writing time.

Still working on a contest entry which must be subbed before I leave on holiday. I see some late nights in my future.


pbp said...

has the rain stopped weather in France was very hot.back to the same old drudge now.loving the books things hot up at no.13 after a few pages of reading in bed:::: bfn the potters bar pussy;;;