Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Naughty Kidlet

My four-year-old kidlet has been regularly singing London Bridge Is Falling Down at nursery recently.

Unfortunately when she tried to swing from my jeans' back pockets the other day, she came up with alternative lyrics. (Cough - Mummy's jeans are falling down.)

She now won't stop singing it. Especially in company. And laughing hysterically.

Will it ever pass?

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Sally Clements said...

Ah, believe me, it could be worse! I've had some 'ahem' things said and sung by my ones when they were wee... I remember my eldest singing at about age 3...

'I wanna have, sex on the beach, la la la la la laaaa la...'
which is disconcerting in tescos to say the least...