Saturday, October 15, 2011


I think (she said thinning her lips in apology) I've finished the bulk of my Xmas shopping. Oops I said the X word. Soz.

Anyway - I can't stand waiting. I can't stand queues, busy shops, carols a go go. The hunt to find the right gift tags after losing the ones I had etc etc. I prefer to enjoy the Xmas ambience by doing fun things (not hunting down tat!!) So I've stocked up. And I'm fed up of it before the season's even started. Hum bug. Time to forget about it all until December. jx

P.S. I have been watching Paul and Isobel from Monarch Of The Glen a lot. And here's more ... plus here's Monarch Of The Glum (I still laugh at the guinea pigs!)


Suzanne Jones said...

Love the new look blog :0)

Must be a Fife thing as I have also done most of my Christmas shopping - and we're going to put our Tree up in a couple of weeks.


Sally Clements said...

oo! any chance you'd like to do mine? I usually start around the 15th December (which explains a lot about the presents people get).
I haven't even started thinking about it yet, but I guess its a good idea...

Marcy said...

Christmas??? *shudder*