Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saving Pennies

We have a big tin in our cupboard into which we regularly decant small change. I usually forget about it unless I am moving it around when tidying out the aforementioned cupboard. Or playing counting pennies games with the kids.

So this week - during a clearout - I recognised that the tin was hard to move and full. Very heavy to lift in fact. So I realised it might be time to visit the Coinstar machine at the supermarket.

Imagine my surprise when after much pinging and chinging into the machine (and a very heavy trip from the car with the change bag) I hauled £55! Hurray! Needless to say I did the sensible thing - and put the amassed fortune onto my supermarket Christmas saver's card. Small acorns. That grow into a nice nest egg for the Christmas trolley fund!

In other news, I've just noticed that the old version of Nanny Behaving Badly has reached ebay. Fortunately it's listed as unavailable as it's now been re-released. Anyway - explanation - I've never had a book featured on Ebay before. This is my first ever writing Ebay moment. So reverence is required. Note to self: GATHER AND CALM.


Nell Dixon said...

I do that with my small change. Love coinstar machines.

Judy Jarvie said...

They are great aren't they? They make a load of nice but very nice when the receipt chunters out at the end!

It's sad how excited I get by the small things!

Judy Jarvie said...

Oops. That was supposed to say noise! Not nice.

Cara Cooper said...

Congrats on your e-bay moment, and didn't I see on Facebook 'Nanny' sporting a new cover recently? Hope I'm not imagining it, I've been catching up on web stuff lately and my head is a little overfull at the mo!

Caroline said...

May your eBaby account never be empty! Caroline x

Private Investigator Austin said...

Ha, I once had the idea of sending out mass emails asking folks for 1 penny to help with education experiences with a goal to a mast a million pennies. Never did it but I still wonder today if it would have worked.