Friday, November 04, 2011

Busy, busy!

Sorry for my blog absence but I have been busy, honest.

I've a book to finish (here's hoping this weekend will crack it!) and of course it's been Halloween with all manner of preps to make - pumpkins come and pumpkins go. Plus a new book is shaking its 'listen to me now' stick at me in my head! Sometimes my brain feels very full of characters and ideas and conversations etc etc ...And frankly it gets hard to think straight!

So here I am briefly. And since the smallest kidlet has just walked in in the buff singing songs - I'm not here for long.

How are you anyway?


Caroline said...

Happy writing Judy! Caroline x

ClaireLA said...

Hi Judy,
I recommended Nanny Behaving Badly to a couple of my friends and they loved it!

Glad to hear you're busy with another one.

Lee Ann

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Caroline - lovely to see you!

Wow,thanks Lee Ann. What a lovely confidence booster (just when I need it too!) Of course Nanny was read beautifully so that helped immensely! Jx

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Good luck with the juggling!! That's life for a writer with family, eh??

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope the writing's going well.