Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clear The Halls

I'm having an end of November clear out. Trying to bring some order before the December chaos begins. I'm secretly looking forward to said December chaos. At the weekend the kidlets had photos taken inside a Giant Snowglobe! Such fun - so I guess it's already begun!

This week I've sent in a novella submission. I don't imagine I will hear anything on that one until a few months into 2012.

I've also started playing with something new. Hurray.

So back to the clearing duties. In summary, so far - three bags to the dump (two recycled). And still more to sort. Slow but sure. Maybe Santa could spare an Organiser Elf to take me in hand before December kicks in?


Marcy said...
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Marcy said...

Funny, we're doing the same thing in our house--making room for all the goodies Santa will bring.

Good luck with the novella!