Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanking The Universe

We survived the Titanic showcase - very well done P4 (actually we didn't survive, the passenger names I picked from the hat didn't make it but I'm moving on swiftly on that one!) The highlights - we enjoyed jelly with floating icebergs and tapioca amongst other delights!

In other news I've finished the latest book - just needs a good hard polish and we're done (anyone know where to buy a novel 'tumbler' where I can get it to a clean, sharp shine in record time?)  Perhaps that's an invention for the future - universe, over to you!

On the domestic front - the superstore man's just delivered five mins before his due time (now that's service), I've just re-ordered prescriptions online and am therefore feeling tickety boo in the e-organising section of my life. Thanks and appreciation for online wonderfulness in general and avoiding lengthy shopping trips and phone calls.

What next? Washing pile! And for that I can only be thankful for Mr Wash And Mr Tumble who after a bit of heavy feeding will take care of it for me. Except of course the ironing ...that might be pushing my luck. And asking too much of a very gracious universe.

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