Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nanny Audio Review

Thank you Maggie at Audiobook Fans for this review of Nanny Behaving Badly in audio format which had slipped under my lazy radar- read it here!

And here's a highlight:

The Nanny Behaving Badly audiobook was recently released by Iambik Audio and proves to be a great romantic splurge. Maddie is spunky, smart and inventive. Lyle is sexy, rich and driven. The magnetism between the two is palpable and rises immediately after their first encounter.

I loved the relationship between Lyle and Maddie and how much you wanted her to want him, to need him in more ways than one.

Maggie confesses in her review that she isn't a romance fan so this was her initiation - but she enjoyed it so big thank yous. Yey! I'm juggling writing with Christmas right now - why do I always push to the wire?!?!?! Answer - because baste my steaming puddings, I'm very very silly indeed.

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Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Ooh! Well done on your fabby review, hun! And also well done with getting some writing done -- am sinking here under tinsel and shopping lists! XXX