Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Ode To Matchmakers

Psst - I know I'm interupting Christmas but ... is it just me or are Matchmakers an essential part of the holidays?

Note: I am not talking about an addiction to dating sites here. Matchmakers are rather moreish long stick-like sweets that come in mint or orange and are perfect for stuffing in with one finger and munching right through to fin. Perfect for reclining on couch whilst watching TV and slurping a hot beverage (or egg nog if you're  brave - bleh!) They also smell just like Christmas in a box. Sadly the boxes aren't very big.

Just had to note that this year I have developed a great affection for them - it's been like welcoming back an old, beloved friend. They are truly a necessity of the season! Must buy more in the sales - and just wanted to flag up my appreciation. Let's hear it for twig-like choc snax.

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Suzanne Jones said...

I've been eating lime fondant creams all day. Just as lovely as Matchmakers. But have eaten too many :0(