Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cowboy Has Left The Building

My cowboy novel has gone to the editor who requested it. I anticipate a six week wait. I am not good at waiting. But ... I promised myself at the start of 2012 I would mend my ways. I won't waste time moping or grieving the loss of Gorgeous Gabe the Texan cowboy from my otherwise grey January life. Nope.

I will stay strong. I will not turn to chocolate.
Instead I will stay positive and focused.
And aim to get my current 50k target WIP licked into shape (inspiration permitting).

The good thing about having a book on supermarket shelves; it gives you a yearning to prove to yourself that it wasn't just a fluke! So the crows can go peck somewhere else while I sit in this chair and just write.


Suzanne Jones said...

Yay for Cowboy.

And double yay for Pitched Into Love. I told the ladies in WHSmiths today that I knew you.


Caroline said...

Fingers xrossed on the Cowboy! Caroline x