Monday, January 09, 2012

Tiara Out Today!

It's my birthday today (aherm, cough, pretends to mumble how many years). And usually I don't make a fuss.

Today is different - I now have someone fabulous to share my birthdays with in future - Kate Middleton. Yes ... the beautiful, dazzling, chic and gorgeous lady herself.

All these years and 9th Jan was a pretty gloomy time to have a birthday (everyone's in post Xmas hols gloom and the shops are full of sales tat so vouchers have to be lovingly stored and not spent!)  Anyhoo...
Now I'm birthdaymates with someone very groovy. How good is that?! Tiaratastic.

Birthday booty details - amber jewellery (insert 'wooo-fancy yerself' noise); slippers (yes, I get off on slippers and I don't mean the Cinderella kind); pyjamas so smooth I'll feel like a feather on the breeze (yes I get off on soft pyjamas - it's my birthday and I'll strop if I want to). A Nina Harrington book I wanted (yes, yes and thrice yes!) A big book of The Jackie (showing my age - but very good!) And finally chocolate! Cue large smile.

P.S. On the down side Pocket Novels haven't arrived yet. So still stalking the postman - it should be soon though!


ClaireLA said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Judy! (and Kate, too!)

Lee Ann Howlett

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Lee Ann!
If only I had Kate's wardrobe and figure. Oh ... and she has a prince (she lucked out!) But I'm very happy with my lot - and I got Nanny Behaving Badly on audio so I've had my share of treasure moments!


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Judy - hope you had a good one. Caroline x