Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mister Drool

Whilst writing cowboy I found a picture that fitted the hero to perfection. To my considerable delight (I know I'm sad that way).

So I quicksticks put it on my phone as a wallpaper and looked at it often in those 'help me, I need inspiration, what would Gabe do?' moments. Which came frequently. Actually. By the truckload. The only fly in my ointment? Didn't have a scooby who Mr Hunk was. Today's point of joy - I've found him!

Google is a wonderful thing. Ian Somerhalder. From The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately canny find a pic of him in cowboy gear and chaps but ye canny have it all, Jim, all Jim, all Jim, ye canny have it all Jim (so dream it up instead ...)


Sally Clements said...

Ah, there's a giggle of minxes who could have told you straight off who he was! (many minxes are somewhat vampire diariesaholics). And my daughters are glued to it too...
Looking forward to reading your cowboy book, Judy!

Rachel said...

Yeehah! And double-plus yum. I'm looking forward to this cowboy too, Judy! X

Suzanne Jones said...

Gosh, admire your detective skills. I'd have had no idea who he was, either. But very easy to imagine him on a horse with a cowboy hat.