Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Free! Soon!

To Be Sung To The Tune Of The Teddy Bears' Picnic

If you go down to the Kindlestore
You're in for a FREE surprise
This whole weekend you won't have to spend
For a red dress and shapely thighs
It fast it's fun
You'll get nothing done
I have a hunch
You'll cram read through lunch
There's no excuse to say no

To Nanny Behaving Badly

*Courtesy of E-Scape Press - available THIS WEEKEND only
FROM ALL AMAZON sites on Kindle!

A taster of Nanny Behaving Badly ...

"Lyle strode to the edge of the tub and helped her back out. When he pulled her to his side she was ludicrously covered in white foam and they were inches apart. In stark comparison he was still dry. And so was her mouth when she looked up at the vision of all man poster-perfect body, his well-muscled arms, chest and athletic legs in full view.
Maddie cursed her own impulses when she realised her robe was soaked, hanging open and dripping around her feet. There were suds balls in her hair.
‘You might have warned me you’re into foam parties,’ he said wryly. ‘There are people out there who’d pay good money to watch you.’
‘Shall I call 999?’ she asked meekly.Lyle laughed and it proved instantly infectious, causing her to giggle along as she stood dripping and covered in slippery foam. Nice way to impress the boss, Adams!
‘I’m sorry, Lyle,’ she said, knowing the laughter still didn’t detract from the crimson blush at her own crazy behaviour. ‘I’ve done it again, haven’t I? Like I did in the cafĂ©. What is it with me and acting in haste?’
Lyle untied her robe for her. ‘You’d better take that off for starters.’ Him slipping the wet fabric from her shoulders made her gulp and shiver. She watched as he threw the sopping garment away. Became ultra aware of herself standing before him in a swimsuit like an unruly street urchin. 
‘Is saying sorry enough for you to overlook this incident?’ she asked.
‘No. I want to take the moral high-ground for a bit longer. Make you squirm.’ He scooped up a large foamy wad and split it in two, then put it on her shoulders. The hairs on her body reacted to the slight contact. She wanted more. And that would be a very bad move.
Maddie removed some foam from her hair and blew it back at him. ‘Wise guy, huh?’"
© Judy Jarvie 2011


LindaK said...

Looking forward to my freebie tomorrow! Thank you :-) (new follower!)

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Linda. I am so pleased you're going to get it! Made my day. Jx