Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colour Me Excited

It's on again tomorrow.

Harry equals yum.

Will you be watching? I will. And I have a pile of 'nil points' snax at the ready e.g. fruit, fruit lashings of fruit and fizzy water.

By the way - lost 5 and a half lbs so far. Though I've not gone as far as choosing a new zazzy bikini I may have hopes of a new dress in a month or so! And let's not talk about Zumba and the things it does to your unprepped thighs. What a week! But I will soldier on.


ClaireLA said...

Darn! I wish BBC-America hadn't stopped carrying this show. :( Maybe I can find it on iTunes. :)

Lee Ann

Judy Jarvie said...

I do love Silent Witness Lee Ann. That's shameful that they've stopped it. We need all the good TV we can get!

Cara Cooper said...

Not seen it yet but I'm going to catch it on watch again, it's had such good write ups. Hope the weight loss is going well!