Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slimming, Walking And Scales Oh My!

Go here for news of my latest release! Squee!

Pitched Into Love will be coming out in ebook format soon and I'm very excited. And excited to be out at the same time as the fabulous Nell Dixon too.

In other news, I've been absent for a wee while - apologies. But I've been busy. Polishing my halo. I've joined Weight Watchers and was determined to make sure I made a dent in my first few weeks by totting up some loss.
This week I lost 4lbs. (Takes a bow whilst trying not to show big behind).

Over the past few years I've let the weight creep up and though I don't imagine I'll ever look good in a swimsuit, I'd at least prefer not to frighten passers by.

So. Another week begins. With Zumba and several powerwalks planned into the diary.
And promises to obey my eating rules and regs. Sigh.
Sadly all I can think about are choux buns and cake! Will dreams of donuts ever stop?!

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