Sunday, April 22, 2012

Choc Heaven And Paradise Found

Read this book:

And here's why ...

Chocolate has always been a source of personal delight so when Nina Harrington released a choc-o-tastic title I was keen to read. I've loved so many of her books. And this did not disappoint. It's Nina on rip-roaring sweet and sassy form. I loved blonde cocoa-farmer hero Max. He's a daddy cool and a man with passion and brawn as well as brains. And Daisy the chocolatier was his perfect flavour combo in so many ways; so right from the off you're dead set on getting these two together.

If you're a Nina fan, a lover of sweet romance with an intense witty flipside and a fantasia backdrop of choc chefs and people who love to indulge their tastebuds - you're in luck. This one will last about as long as a box of great chocs as the pages will turn swiftly and satisfy with every chapter. The best part, an intense sensual experience without calorie content. Enjoy! Yum it up. 

And if that's not enough.
Read this one too. It's Kelly Hunter's Cracking The Dating Code.
I am still more than a little in love with Seb after racing through the pages and savouring all traces of the most delectable man - Kelly Hunter's rough, roguish, ruffle-able hero is just Mmmmn. 

A week on an insolated private island with the most gorgeous guy on the planet? YES PLEASE! In fact I'll have seconds. And I might even read him again just to make sure I enjoyed him to the full. Thank you Riva.


Nell Dixon said...

I love Nina's books.

Nina Harrington said...

Thank you Judy and Nell - I had great fun researching [ cough] the world of chocolate for this book. LOL. So pleased that you enjoyed it. :-)