Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Decoy Bride

This week a very nice thing happened - over a hot cuppa tea, my lovely, talented (should I mention she makes AMAZING cakes and that I must write a book about her - yes) friend mentions 'gasp, I've seen a fantastic film you will just love! I must lend it to you because you will just DEVOUR IT!'

Cut to later when lovely friend gives me her beloved copy of said film - The Decoy Bride. Which is very gorgeous of her in itself because - friend just happens to be madly in swoondom with David Tennant - so handing over a precious DVD is a true pal gesture in itself. Anyways...

She is right. My friend rocks! See The Decoy Bride whenever, however you can. In fact I'm posting the trailer via legitimate sources here and there's even a buy link with it and everything!

It is the best rom com movie ever. And has just shot to number one in my top ten list.

And guess what. I went and got my very own copy this weekend. That's how very good it is.

Thank you lovely friend Linda. Not only are you a cake genius you are a Movie and Romance Guru too! Kudos! And yes one day I will write that cake genius book - and she will be in love with David Tennant and most definitely keep chickens. It will occur. Stay tuned.

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Sally Clements said...

oo! A romcom, chooks AND DT? Sounds perfect! now I'm going to watch the clip!