Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Free The Nanny!

If you haven't already got a copy - or if you know a new kindle owner who'd like one then give 'em a nudge - Nanny Behaving Badly will be FREE, FREE, FREE again for this weekend only!

Yes. Nothing to pay. And she won't even take up much room on your kindle shelf.

 For US readers Amazon Kindle Nanny page is here.

In the UK get it here (but wait until the weekend when it'll be FABULOUSLY FREE!)

And in the meantime - if you'd like a lovely kindle freebie - go to Sally Clements' blog for more info on her fantastic get them while you can freebies! Recommended so go grab!


Sally Clements said...

oh fab! the nanny's free for the weekend! And (cheekily adding here) if you're dying to grab something free before then, The Morning After is free now and tomorrow, and Catch Me A Catch is free tomorrow and Friday!
(very cheeky of me, Judy, feel free to do the same shameless plugging on my blog comments box in return!)

ClaireLA said...

Wonderful! If Amazon - U.S. is also doing this, I'll blog and tweet about it, Judy. It was pretty high on the ebook list the last time they did this!

Lee Ann :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Sally and Lee Ann.

Yes - it's free in US too. I've put US link in now to make it clearer (thanks for reminding me on that!) I've touted around a bit so hoping it will get some take up.

And ... Off Limits Lover should be coming soon to FREE so watch this space!

Maria Mohan said...

I live in India so it's I use - but as I write on Saturday, it's not free. Wonder what happened!

Judy Jarvie said...

Apologies Maria - hopefully by later or by tomorrow certainly it will be free on dot com. There's always a time lag and it's always a question of waiting! Sorry for the delay and I hope you get it ... try again tomorrow and hopefully that'll be the trick! Jx P.S Thanks for the support!

ClaireLA said...

It's available on Amazon - U.S. Just tweeted it!

Lee Ann