Saturday, May 05, 2012

One Crazy Cup Cake Weekend

Tomorrow I'm going to a fundraiser Zumbathon. Yes. That's two hours of Zumba. Much water will be consumed is all I will say.

So for the last few days I've been baking for Britain (to take along some token cupcake offerings). It also happens to be littlest's birthday in a few short weeks so I'm freeze baking with abandon for that. Cupcakes are go and the oven's a bit tired right now.

(Note - none of said baked goods have been consumed by my dieting self - brownie points to me, bum wiggle!) But hard on the resolve. Though I think, given my low baking ranking, they look pretty beautiful (said in a Texan accent) why thank you.

So here's the fruits of my labours.

First ... the Mine's A Mojito Cupcake. It features - wait for it - lime icing and mint matchmaker nuggets. Choc rum sponge naturellement. That's a scooby snack for grown ups. Yum!

Second of all comes a sweet treat close to my daughters' hearts ... the Crunchie Choc Cupcake. Complete with a dollop of glossy goo-some choc and crunchie bits.

Fingers crossed all that exercise whets appetites for the hard stuff! Me, I'll just suck on a lettuce leaf and die quietly.


Nell Dixon said...

Those look yummy!

Marcy said...

OMG! They look delish! You must have fabulous will
power not to indulge.

Suzanne Jones said...

My tummy's rumbling looking at those. They look even nicer than Dobbies' cakes.

Have fun at the Zumbathon.


Graham said...

They look great, Judy, and I'll bet they taste even better. How about I send you my address and you post me a boxful?