Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weight Watchers Gets Results

Disclaimer - I'm not a big fan of posing for photographs but after posting at The Minxes of Romance yesterday and mentioning my diet (thank you for having me!) I thought I'd post a picture of how I am now after a regular zumba habit and Weight Watchers for four months.

I would usually reserve these for my private diet daily journal (yes I have one to keep me on the straight and narrow!) but I figure I've worked hard to get here. Anyway I've just come to the end of the first journal book so needed to take the 'after pic'. Here it is. Though I'm still not quite at goal.

So far I've lost 18.5lbs. A little way more to go. And I'm finding that I can keep to this plan because it is flexible and fits into my life so I plan to keep it off by following what I've learned (said with a determined voice). And yes I am wearing jeggings (unheard of pre weight watchers - in fact I'dve cried at the thought!) These days they're the comfiest trousers to wear - so I'm a big advocate for Weight Watchers - in a nutshell it's healthy eating, encouragement to get active plus support. I'll post the 'end result' when I reach goal. And huge well done Mum for reaching goal first! Grandma rocks!


Sally Clements said...

You look FAB Judy! Congratulations! I lost 2 stone with WW a decade ago, but sadly, too many sweeties and I'm back where I was before I started :(. Am feeling motivated by your pic to start again1

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

You look fantastic, Judy! x

Caroline said...

Fantastic Judy. Go you! Caroline x

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Ladies!
I'll never be a super skinny but I am just pleased I've taken control and I'm not having to go up sizes as everything was getting to tight which never feels good. Hugs.

Suzanne Jones said...

Looking good, Mrs J. XX