Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Special Cake And Pod Lunch

This week was a special anniversary for my Mum and Dad so accordingly a splendiferous cake was ordered (thank you Kingseat Cakes - see beautiful sparkling results below) and a special lunch was booked in secret.

In actual fact - the surprise lunch in question was unbeknown to the special couple taking place in a POD!

And now I want one.

A pod would be the perfect place to write in at the end of my garden! How cool is being waitress served lunch in a pod - answer - VERY! How indulgent is high tea in your own little sofa lined kingdom with a Scottish loch view?

It's just the kind of thing that will need to appear in a future book! Of course I'll have to visit again for lunch - and research naturally...


P.S. Huge apologies to Teresa and Linda who tagged me but whose comments were unknowingly in my moderation box! So so sorry! And I will catch up with your tags imminently - thanks again.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

Lovely cake - and the POD is SO cool! Caroline x