Friday, October 19, 2012

My Clever Friend

My very clever friend - Kate Griffin - has just won the fabby ...

Stylist's Crime Fiction Competition! Yus!

Cool eh?  And well done Kate on nabbing prize money and a prized contract with Faber and Faber no less. You can read all about it and see her lovely pic here. Or indeed pick up a copy of the magazine for more juice.

Writing rocks and Kate is destined for great things - you heard it here first. (Um, no you didn't, Stylist told you first natch, but don't split hairs young man and show respect to your elders! - Said in Lady Grantham voice, I am generally using Lady Grantham voice around the house these days, I find it keeps the children in line.)

And in other news Ian Rankin is coming to Dunfermline Waterstones in December. My mum told me so it's must be true.  But I don't care and may  just lurk there in disguise with an umbrella handy cos he slags off romance writing - shame on him (again - Lady Grantham voice only LOUDER and with venom!)

Right enough book stuff and on with the hunky men and jibber-jabber.

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