Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Kindle Freebie

For one special day only - New Year's Eve - INSTRUCTION IN SEDUCTION will be available to download free on kindle.

I love New Year, not just because of the partying, though that can be fun too, but for the promise of new horizons around the corner.

Instruction in Seduction is a sexy fun fairytale about a shy girl in the city who wants to try on femme fatale for size as her new year's resolution.

Aussie God Nick is a drool-worthy hero who will melt Ailsa's reservations in the bedroom - and her heart. Grab yours when it's without a price tag.

Snaffle your free copy here!

If you want a romantic Scottish love story that will warm up your Hogmanay - get your freebie now!


Nell Dixon said...

Looking forward to reading - always enjoy your books!

Teresa Ashby said...

Thank you, Judy - I have just downloaded it :-) x

Judy Jarvie said...

Thank you so much lovely ladies. You're the best!