Monday, February 15, 2016

Inspiration, Poldark and Throwing Rule Books At Walls

I’m exploring what inspired me to get writing again after two years of zilch words. It wasn't about forcing myself behind the keyboard – the spark drove me to simply try putting one word in front of another. Almost against my will. To me daydreams and feeling the love are the precursors to finding a story and putting fingers to keys. So what things changed to make somebody who'd vowed no more to try...

Bring On The Poldark - The BBC's Poldark came along and many millions of other avid women watchers (and men plus me) fell deeply and dropped jaws at a certain Mr Turner. Not only because of the aesthetically obvious reason but because of its power. Demelza and the rest of the cast were so preciously, fittingly picked. Suffice to say I heart Poldark hugely. Enough to scotch last year’s writing drought by giving me the urge to write a fanfiction fest with the characters in my own story. Let’s just quietly admit the hero of my next release has collar length dark hair and a penetrating stare... If it fires you and it works, use it.

Senses Reunited - I’d been taking my youngest swimming at my old High School. It shocked me to find the place so changed yet unaltered. But it smelled exactly the same transporting me right back. That sensory hit made me itch to write a book set in school. So even though I’ve set it in a London Secondary my old school featured large. The return was more overwhelming than I’d banked on. But kinda like going home. Well, they say write what you know.

Toss The Rules - My biggest step was waving in the crazy and silly and mad without apology. For many years I targeted category contemporary romance, sticking to learned rules carefully. Last year I threw the book away. Comedy, banter, flights of fancy, full voice without apology and a full cast of accomplice characters. Liberating to take a total u-turn on how I used to write. And I found I loved doing this much more.

So in summary. Feel the love, dive into a world so real you can touch it and then toss the ideas of how it should be. Sounds trite but write from the heart - just try it out for size. Be vivid. Innovate. You don't have to show anybody what happens. But you just might. And you may well be glad you tried.  #MondayBlogs #Poldark #AmWriting

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