Monday, February 22, 2016

Ten Things I Love About Writing (Feeling The Love Here)

So here's ten random things I love most about writing. I'd go so far as say they give me the writing fuzzies. Especially because I write romance too -

  1. I get to meet fab like-minded writing friends and partake in tea and cyberfun and tips swapping. I love that this is good for my soul. And my laughter muscles.
  2. As above but add in the fact that this in itself enables me to discover fabulous new books written by these people. And the books are all the more special for it so I am in awe of my totally talented author friends. Yes!
  3. Procrastinating on the internet and social media is in the job description *kinda*. You gotta keep it current after all. Chatting and crazy can't be wrong can it?
  4. Even if I take time out to refill that well (and it happens) or just to have me time nobody actually minds. And in the spirit of being kind to myself, nor do I! Eventually the writing muse will yank me back Writers are supportive like that, period. We just accept and motivate and that's a very special thing.
  5. I get to gander at pics of men (whether that be in kilts or in black and white disrobement) and it's okay. Nobody minds and I can blame my author foibles. It's visual story-scaping you see. Move along and let me enjoy - in fact why not enjoy with me. The more the merrier.
  6. I get to listen to overheard conversations and justify it's for my job. I also get to daydream like crazy and deem it research. How many other jobs are that understanding? I do both a lot btw. A big holy fat truck of a lot!
  7. It's okay to have crushes. As a writer it's just part of the toolkit. Whether it's a movie actor or several or some BBC drama heroes even though I'm a forty something mum, nobody fusses. Because it's just work, helping me conjure up that magical novel man.
  8. The more I do it the better I get. I love this. The more I try something new the more I love writing too. And sometimes the harder a book is to write the more I stretch - kinda writing yoga. And I love that! Did I mention I love what I do with ardent passion?
  9. I can do it in jammies. Or a onesie. And with bad hair. Whilst eating or slurping smoothies. And I frequently do.
  10. I love that reading is as vital as writing and brings a beloved spin off hobby benefit two for one.

P.S. One Extra Likey. Blogging random stuff and retweets from lovely writing peeps. I really love those - retweet if you dare or agree or both. And remember - we all rock. Every single one of of us has the best job ever. Because we try!

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