Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Wish Wand Wednesday

It's been a while since I checked in but I promise to do better. In fact I aim to come in here and jazz things up a bit regularly.

So to kick off I have a new spot. Wish Wand Wednesday!

If you could design your dream romance book what would it be? The world is your lobster --- go on have a bash. Okay, I'll go first. I've long said I want to read a bigfoot tracking related romance. I crave dark nights and a hunky hero protecting me from the big hairy beast!!! And possibly knocking on trees and acting like a crazynut.

So - is yours a viking?? An astronaut? A kilted highlander from another age?

Or even a Michael Faasbender lookalikey astronaut viking highlander ready to take on Bigfoot?! Come to think of it, sign me up now. So what's your dream book? Tell me. I'd love to know.

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