Monday, February 29, 2016

You know it, you really, really know it when...

You know you're a (mad) writer when...

  1. You make it your mission to find a spelling mistake in menu boards
  2. One rogue typo can utterly spoil an otherwise stellar facebook joke meme
  3. You get up at all hours of the night to write notes because if you don't you'll forget the brilliant idea that will elude you foreverafteramen
  4. Your friends think you live in a fantasy world and affectionately eye roll behind your back but still indulge your book speak (these friends are the good ones by the way). The other ones avoid you and cross the street to evade it
  5. You can't have too many pens or notebooks. Ever. Simple fact. It may even involve building extra space to house them
  6. You develop obsessions about emdashes, endashes and rogue tabs
  7. You get emotional when you find a new amazing blow you away writer because it matters THAT much
  8. Your family do the 'she's writing face' - it's the same face I pulled about Mum 'playing and or polishing her PIANO'
  9. You get 'writing' fixations (crushes, movie addictions, must have author stampedes at new book releases...the list goes on)
  10. You start blogging about being a mad writer and the extent of your obsession!

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