Thursday, October 20, 2016

Whizz. Bang. Boom.

I've been busy of late. And here's the proof.

First and most importantly a fab 4* review from the lovely Veronica at Wicked Reads (did I mention, she rocks? Thanks x) So chuffed.

Then I was over here at USAToday HEA Blog. Give it a gander. Do!

Then it was all James Bond Daniel Craig Fest adoration at Female First.

Now do you understand why it's been all whizz, bang, boom?

On a serious note - thanks so much to Totally Bound for the fab promo.  And big thanks to Wicked Reads for just being them and giving such excellent independent reviews. Because reviews are the stuff of author dreams. Also huge thanks to Ashantay for the mentoring to help me through my first foray into romantic suspense which was a blast.

And finally, if you like your romance on the sweet and cosy side I hopefully have other news coming about an end of year release and a new year one on the horizon! I like to tease you.Right. Must dash. Laters.

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